We carry all sub-primals and cuts that are standard to the industry as well as specialized cuts from all major packers in the US.  We handle Angus, Prime, Choice, Select, No Roll, & Utility Beef.  Having pioneered beef imports from Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Honduras, Uruguay, and Australia over 40 years ago, the Núñez Family established partnerships that to this day play important roles in our beef portfolio. All of our beef is USDA inspected.


Here is a general reference of the items we carry. For further specifications, or inquiries of additional items, feel free to contact us.

  • Chucks – Semi Boneless, Roll, Chuck Tender, Clods, Shanks
  • Rounds – Inside, Flat, Knuckle, Eye
  • Loins – Shortloin, Striploin, Tenderloin
  • Ribs – Rib Eye, Export Rib,
  • Sirloin – Top Butt, Bottom Sirloin, Flap Meat, Tri Tip
  • Plate – Brisket, Flank, Outside Skirt, Inside Skirt, Short Ribs
  • Grinds, Trimmings, Patties, Burgers
  • Portioned Steaks – Strips, Skirts, Tenders, Rib Eyes
  • Offals/Variety Meats – Liver, Tripe, Feet, Tails, Sweetbreads
  • Specialty Cuts – Bone In Tenders, Crown Roast, Diced Beef, Kabobs
  • Cooked – Tasajo, Corned Beef, Pastrami, Roast Beef