Food Safety

At Northwestern Selecta, the safety of our products is of upmost importance and is a daily operational priority.  To ensure our ability to provide safe, wholesome foods for Puerto Rican families, we use a multitude of food safety processes and programs throughout our company.

  • HACCP – Our facility operates under the HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) system.  This system is designed to address all reasonably occurring physical, chemical, and biological hazards.  Our system is reviewed and validated consistently.
  • USDA Import Inspection – USDA import Inspectors are on premises daily, assuring the meats and poultry that we import comply with all USDA safety and quality regulations.
  • USDA Process Inspection – USDA evaluates our processing facility on a daily basis, ensuring that our products are being processed in alignment with USDA rules and regulations.  Our plant has been used in various occasions as an example in order to show USDA inspector trainees what a USDA inspected facility should look like.
  • Facility Design – Northwestern Selecta is constantly improving the facilities and equipment to ensure a safer, higher-quality product.  From the moment a container arrives in our facility, it is handled differently.  Containers are stationed & unloaded inside our facility, assuring that the container or product is not tampered with at any time.  Our facility is one of the only facilities in Puerto Rico that has refrigerated docks and staging areas.  This guarantees an uninterrupted cold chain throughout the entire operation
  • Training – Our Food Safety staff remains up to date with the latest technology in food safety by attending educational seminars and regulatory meetings.  Throughout our company, every person is trained in order to maintain our effectiveness in Food Safety.
  • Logistics – At Northwestern Selecta, our trucks are owned by us and operated by our employees.  For us this is very important given that third party trucking may not have our same priorities and visions regarding Food Safety.  Through today's technology, our logistics team tracks our trucks from the moment they leave our facility on important things such as temperature, speed, and location.
  • Traceability – Every case is tagged with a Northwestern Selecta bar code which allows us to track every case from the point it was processed to the customer it was shipped to.