Elpidio Núñez Sr. arrived in Miami, FL in 1960 as an exiled Cuban determined to find a brighter future.  By distributing meat and seafood throughout Miami, the Núñez family develops one of the largest Hispanic owned companies in the US.  In 1980, with visions of expansion, Elpidio Núñez Jr. established Northwestern Selecta in San Juan, PR.  Paying close attention to detail, Northwestern Selecta continued to grow throughout the 80's and 90's. By developing strong international partnerships the Nuñez Family becomes a leader in beef and seafood imports.  With a fanatical approach to service, the Núñez Family began portioning beef and pork giving way to the Numeat brand.  Northwestern Selecta is a result of hard work, strong family values, and a consistent commitment to excellence. Today, Northwestern Selecta is the leading food distributor in Puerto Rico. The characteristics and values that made us continue to be the focal point of our approach to business.


1960 – Elpidio Núñez Sr. exiles Cuba and arrives in Miami, FL
1970 – By importing and distributing meat, the Núñez Family develops one of the largest Hispanic owned companies in the US.
1980 – Elpidio Núñez Jr. established Northwestern Selecta in Puerto Rico
1990 – NWS partners with Frigorifico Tacuarembó to become one of the largest beef importers in the US and PR. Our facilities were expanded by 60 thousand square feet.
1994 – The Núñez Family begins portioning meats, poultry, and seafood under the Numeat Brand.
1995 – Elpidio Núñez III and Ventura Núñez begin working in the company as the 3rd generation gets underway.
1999 – NWS partners with Smithfield Foods to become the largest pork supplier in Puerto Rico.
2001 – Numeat Packing is incorporated along with the addition of smokers, injectors, and cookers, doubling our production capacity and expanding the Numeat product line.
2002 – As fish & seafood imports grow, the Numar brand is developed.
2004 – NWS partners with Agrosuper to become the largest importer of poultry in the US and PR.
2005 – NWS expands its facilities to a total of 175 thousand square feet and adds dry goods to its product list, drastically expanding its presence in the foodservice industry.
2006 – The Bellefarm brand is developed to represent all turkey products.
2007 – NWS partners with Sanderson Farms to offer a full line of fresh tray pack chicken as well as Catelli Brothers Lamb & Veal.
2008 – With its growing presence in dairy good, NWS develops Nufarm Dairy Foods and establishes the brand as one of the leading cheese brands in Puerto Rico.
2009 – NWS partners with Tyson Foods making it the most trustworthy provider of fully cooked chicken.
2010 – The Núñez Family acquires a 200 thousand square foot facility and open Núñez Foods in Miami, FL where it is currently distributing its products throughout Florida and the rest of the Caribbean.
2011 – NWS partners with Butterball Turkey to offer the widest selection of turkey products available in the marketplace.